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Build Your Offshore Dream Team
Scale your team without the risk of hiring.
Hiring your own team in the UK is expensive, financially and time wise. For a developer, after you factor in training and PAYE, a single experienced resource will cost the business £100,000 per year as a full time employee, or £150,000 per year if it is a contractor.

Having a permanent team also means you are limited when it comes to scaling down in slower or challenging times. As business owners we should be optimistic, but it also means we should be prepared.

An offshore team does not dilute your company culture in anyway, in fact, adding team members from a completely different culture will add diversity to your current culture, making it even stronger.

We take the burden of the recruitment and training processes away from you, and augment your UK team with offshore members, allowing your business to scale up or down easily, whilst you focus on growing your business.

There are various ways we can implement an offshore team for you:

Managed offshore team - We manage the quality of the team members and the leadership team are actively involved in the team's day to day activities to ensure consistent quality deliverables and a smooth engagement

Self managed offshore team - We help you build the offshore team, but management of the team members will be entirely under your control, the leadership team are hands off with the day to day activities.

Setting up an offshore subsidiary - We set up a legal entity in Chennai, India on your behalf and employ the offshore team members. They will be legally your employees.