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Digitising Operations, HR And Finance

A courier company were using various manual solutions to manage their operations, such as Excel and Google Drive, and they wanted a system to support their operations entire operations from HR, finance and billing, job management and vehicle management. However, their requirements were very specific, and nothing out on the market could meet their requirements. They needed a bespoke solution.

The Problem

Their entire operations was operating off multiple Excels, which was unable to provide real time updates to management and various departments within the company. Information was difficult to update and retrieve, from time to time data would be overwritten due to file sharing issues.

Each week the company had to employ 100-200 new recruits for their growing business and also due to high staff turnover. The recruitment process was manual, recruits would fill in 20 pages of paper forms, then these would get scanned by SBL staff, including another 10 pages of documents, then manually stored in Google Drive. This whole process took up a full time employee.

The weekly payroll also lacked detailed information on the jobs completed by the drivers, causing a high number of queries and investigations, again taking up significant effort from back office staff.

"Working with Orchestr8 is like working with a colleague, they do understand your requirements and make sure nothing is missing from what you need, they are always there to support you."

G.F., Operations Manager
Our Approach

Based on the number of sites that would be using the platform, we decided to implement a cloud based solution for the platform. A mobile app was developed specifically to automate the HR process.

Outcomes Delivered

Back office operations was more efficient, organisation of driver documentation was more centralised and accessible. The hiring process had significantly improved and a lot of time saved from manually scanning in documents, which was no longer required as all the documentation and signing was now digital.

Overall the project was a huge success and the time and cost savings was met happily.

  • Hiring process taking significant effort, 100-200 new recruits per week

  • Insufficient detailed information for weekly payroll runs

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