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Digitising Inventory and Logistics

The freight company have been using a manual process for many years. They had tried digitising their operations and used off the shelf products, however these were soon discarded in favour of Excel and other written forms as it allowed them to operate their business the way the know would be most efficient.

The Problem

Manually updating data in Excel was slow and tedious, and oftentimes human mistakes were made. Communications between operations and warehouse involved Posits notes, which sometimes got misplaced, and the status of jobs were not available. Delivery notes signed by customers were often scanned for filing the following day, which provided a slow update to the customers by todays standards. Management were also not able to see real time status of the shipments, and replied on physically meeting team members for the latest updates.

"Orchestr8 consultants worked their magic to bring the fragmented teams together and deliver the outcome that our sponsors were expecting for the investments made, and leading our field workforce towards a digital way of working."

Our Approach

We sat with the teams to map out their entire operations process. During the solution design we identified areas that could be changed due to the fact that automation would achieve task completion in a shorter space of time, and the fact that some of the steps were included in the system automation.

The solution was an on prem design, since it would help them to reduce outside hosting costs as they already maintain their own hardware for communications with Customs systems.

A bespoke mobile app was developed for their drivers to provide instant status updates to their customers and management.

Outcomes Delivered
  • Reduced effort by the operations team

  • Eliminated human errors in most of the process steps

  • Removed delays in communications with the customers

  • Provided real time reporting to the management team

  • Current operations involved Excels and PosIt notes

  • No consistent capturing of deliveries completed, leading to disagreements with some customers

  • Signed paperwork had to be regularly scanned

  • Management has no real time visibility

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