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Project Management Mentoring

The agency had recently had a huge turnover of staff in their project management and traffic team leading to a loss of process knowledge.

The Problem

Over a period of several months, the agency suffered a significantly high level of personnel turnover across the board, leading to loss of knowledge, inconsistent ways of working, lack of clarity and communications across teams, customers facing uncertainty and confusion.  

"Orchestr8 consultants worked their magic to bring the fragmented teams together and deliver the outcome that our sponsors were expecting for the investments made, and leading our field workforce towards a digital way of working."

Our Approach

The first thing we did was to restructure the activities and bring back consistency across the different disciplines of the delivery teams. We then looked at the customer communications and established an agreed approach that communicated the exact customer expectations.

Outcomes Delivered
  • A more efficient Agile approach, allowing for improved efficiency and increase accuracy for scoping and sizing of work

  • Traffic Manager and Project Management teams able to efficiently resource the right level of staffing, reducing losses

  • Improved communications to clients and increased trust around delivery timelines

  • Improved transparency to senior management


  • Management had no visibility on delivery timelines

  • Traffic Manager and Project Management teams could not align on resource projections, making it difficult to onboard the right sized offshore team

  • Agile teams lacked direction and had inconsistent way of working across the different teams

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