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Digitising Scorecards For Field Workers

A large charity organisation running numerous campaigns across Africa were looking for ways to improve efficiency.

The Problem

Africa is a large continent, the old traditional ways of working with paper and pen does not cut it. A single digital platform was needed to align the different countries so that a much more collaborative approach could be undertaken and execute the regional campaigns as a program.

"Orchestr8 consultants worked their magic to bring the fragmented teams together and deliver the outcome that our sponsors were expecting for the investments made, and leading our field workforce towards a digital way of working."

Our Approach

To provide real value to the countries, we needed to implement a platform that would fulfil the needs for each country. We worked with the country leads to create and priorities the features backlog. For the development phase we used a weekly sprint to allow frequent demos and obtain feedback so that we could validate our deliverables as soon as possible. This also built the confidence from the country stakeholders since they had been waiting for such a platform to be available.

Outcomes Delivered

Regional managers can manage campaigns more effectively and receiving feedback much more frequently allowing for rapid changes to running campaigns.Regional campaign collaborations through improved information sharing.Streamlined approval processes resulting in faster campaign rollouts.Additional funding obtained to build new features

  • Field workers were required to score local campaigns across Africa, but lacked the means of a digital platform

  • Captured results with the manual scoring solution had to be manually tallied, delaying results and requiring effort

  • Collaborations across regions was not easily done and was not effective

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