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Bridging The Gap Between Supplier And Customer

A large Indian consultancy had just won the contract to provide delivery and maintenance services to an electronics manufacturer based in the Netherlands. The contract included expanding and maintaining Phillips massive and evolving content management and ecommerce platform.

The Problem

The electronics manufacturer was expecting a smooth transition from the previous suppliers to the consultancy, with timelines remaining the same. With a steep ramp up for the systems and the consultancy team still being recruited and onboarded, project workstreams were starting to flag red across the board. Communications between the electronics manufacturer and the consultancy teams were not smooth and working processes were not fully defined due to the new Agile approach to delivery, which was newly bought into the electronics manufacturer.

"Orchestr8 consultants worked their magic to bring the fragmented teams together and deliver the outcome that our sponsors were expecting for the investments made, and leading our field workforce towards a digital way of working."

Our Approach

Stakeholders from the electronics manufacturer were identified and regularly weekly meetings were set up along with key stakeholders from the consultancy to open up more frequent dialogues and to build a working relationship.

Processes were defined and agreed with all stakeholders. This provided more transparency and continued to build up the trust within the team.

Deliverables were standardised, so that across different workstreams with different stakeholders, both the electronics manufacturer and the consultancy, the output was consistent. 

Outcomes Delivered
  • Process for prioritising product features defined, leading to a more transparent reporting of where features are, setting clear expectations on delivery timescales even when they went beyond the original requested dates.

  • Defined a clear process for scoping delivery size for each feature, allowing costings and timelines to be clearly identified upfront and presented to the electronics manufacturer.

  • Introduced and trained the electronics manufacturer in the Agile way of working, leading to a unified way of working with the consultancy.


  • Working relationship between the consultancy and the electronics manufacturer day to day teams not yet established

  • The consultancy's internal delivery teams were still being built out

  • Limited handover from previous supplier

  • No structured processes

  • Growing backlog of work but shrinking timelines

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