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Case Studies - Netagio

Project background

Netagio wanted to build a digital currency, FOREX and metals exchange platform from the ground up.

The entire development and test team were based offshore, with Product Owner, Project Manager and Business Analyst based onshore. All stakeholders were located within Europe.

The problem

Netagio wanted visible results very early on, and constantly pivoted its business model during the product development stage and after launch. A standard Agile Scrum approach was too long and inflexible to handle the client’s expectations.

The solution

We used a Kanban approach with dynamic release dates rather than the fixed sprints in Agile Scrum. We grouped stories that had common ground into work streams, and implemented a branching strategy that allowed multiple work streams to develop in parallel and release based on priority at the time of completion.
We set up the entire business operations, including:

  1. Building the onshore and offshore development and quality assurance teams
  2. Setting up the network infrastructure, including disaster recovery
  3. Developing the code for exchange
  4. Defining operational procedures.

We worked with stakeholders across the business as part of the entire end-to-end process – from defining the requirements to achieve their goals, to operational support once the platform was launched.

The result

Our approach proved itself after the product went live. It allowed Netagio to release patches quickly, without impacting larger pieces of functionality that were already in the development pipeline.

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