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Case Studies - JCI

Project background

JCI was looking to deploy an off the shelf solution to help automate job allocations to replace a legacy system and integrate into the existing landscape. The implementation was to configuration only, and no customisation.

The problem

User requirements was lightly documented. Supplier had employed a waterfall approach to delivery. The project was late and overbudget since the first solution delivered did not meet the top use case and had to be rejected. Business confidence was at an all time low. End users who had tested the initial platform where highly critical and happy with it.

The solution

We changed from a waterfall approach to an Agile approach, so that senior management and the project sponsors would have more transparency. The single business requirements specifications was transformed into features user stories, prioritised and then prepared for the Scrum team to analyse and breakdown. Key end users were identified and involved in the development process, providing crucial input into the configuration of the platform.

The result

Senior management and stakeholders had better visibility of what was being built, and was able to see early on whether the product was able to achieve what was defined in the requirements so that we did not reach the end of the project only for them to find out the product was not fit for purpose. As end users were involved, the product configuration was well aligned with their expectation.

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