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Case Studies - GoldMoney

Project background

Our client, an established precious metals exchange based in Jersey, UK, was operating an end-of-life legacy trading platform. It was in the process of developing a replacement that wouldn’t be ready for six months. In the meantime, it urgently needed to add functionality to its legacy platform to stay competitive.

The problem

Our client had communicated its requirements to its delivery team, which was unable to produce a solid action plan or delivery roadmap.

When we were brought into the project, we found the delivery team had simply written story cards and expected the development team to produce something without any structured team communication or further requirements workshops. In other words, they’d only taken the basic aspects of Agile.

The solution

While the sprint team was well formed, it lacked quality assurance resources. We added several quality assurance specialists to the team by using offshore and remote onshore teams.

We then looked at the requirements, prioritising them based on financial impact and their ability to deliver a ‘quick win’. We also held requirements workshops that included key stakeholders and the development and quality assurance leads. These workshops allowed us to both get the finer detail on what the business needed and develop stronger relationships between everyone involved in the project.

We then delivered a roadmap for the next six months that would allow our client to add strategic features to its legacy platform until the new solution was completed.

The result

We delivered the first major feature in two months, and the remaining features in monthly releases that ran like clockwork: always on schedule, if not earlier.

Quality was very high. Within six months, we’d exceeded our client’s expectations and achieved all roadmap items. In doing so, we proved we could build anything our client requested on its legacy platform.

So when our client was told that their new platform would need a huge financial injection for server and software licensing before it could go live, they decided to put a dead stop to it, and continue with the legacy platform instead. This was a major success for our team, and allowed our client to stop incurring costs on a platform it no longer needed.

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